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Advance Beauty College is a popular massage therapy school in Orange County.  Offering the most modern techniques to students, our quality massage therapy courses are next to none.  In heart of Orange County (Garden Grove, CA), we offer training for  a satisfying career in massage therapy.  Massage therapy is a plays an instrumental role in general health care for many; especially due to the modern time stress we all face.  As a massage therapist; take the right step in building the foundation to a career that offers depth and meaning to the lives you touch.  Advance Beauty College offers the training, skills and experience that makes many of our Certified Massage Therapists so successful.

Massage Thearpy Class

Orange County massage therapy student working on a client

Orange County Massage Therapy School Training Course

The 600 hour massage course program combines real hands on experience and well as academic and technical training in clinical skills and manual dexterity.  The training program for massage therapist students takes place in Garden Grove (Orange County) where the students provide  quality massages to clients; allowing them to gain valuable and practical massage experience.  The curriculum covers a wide range of aspects in massage therapy including anatomy, physiology, Swedish, Chair, Shiatsu, Thai, Lomi Lomi, Hot Stone, Cold Stone, and Reflexology.  Advance Beauty College offers one of the most popular Orange County Massage therapy training programs because of its quality.  Students are trained by talented professional massage therapy instructors.   While, this program focuses on the basic techniques of massage, students gain experience that will start their career in the right direction.

Day in the Life – Orange County Massage Therapy Student

Our orange county massage therapy students begins their course in theory class; where the instructor lectures on specific body pressure points to specific massage techniques.  After lecture, massage therapy students engage in practical massage training. Students practice a skill they are introduced to or have the opportunity to work on a client. Students take their lunch break and afterwards work on MBLEx preparation.  With focus on excelling this test, massage therapy students meet the criteria for applying for certification through CAMTC or the California Massage Therapy Council.  This step allows a massage therapist to provide massage services for compensation anywhere in the State of California without needing to obtain a local permit, certificate, or other authorization. It does not apply outside of California, although it is possible that other states may accept CAMTC certification. After the MBLEx preparation, students then switch back on hands-on massage therapy training, further enhancing their skills.

Other Massage Therapy Programs

Additionally, we offer two shorter massage training programs. The 100 hour program is designed for someone who would like to learn the basics of massage therapy, but does not intend to pursue a massage therapy license. This program provides a brief overview of the various disciplines of massage therapy and consists of both lecture and practical training.

The 300 hour program is designed for the student who already has a massage therapy license and would like a refresher course in the principles of massage therapy or the student who would like more knowledge but is not pursuing a massage therapy license. This course will have a brief overview of the various disciplines of massage therapy and consists of both lecture and practical training.

Community Service

Advance Beauty College is committed to serving our local communities. Throughout the year, our students are able to participate in various charity events and health fairs. We have supported organizations such as Walk for Wishes and Working Wardrobes. We feel that this gives our students opportunities to enrich their education as well as give back to the community.

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Hours: 600

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