Orange County Massage Therapy School

Advance Beauty College, Orange County’s leading beauty college is helping thousands of students prepare for a career in the competitive, rewarding beauty industry. The second generation beauty college offers a range of courses in both locations, Garden Grove and Laguna Hills. Cosmetology, Manicuring, Esthetician, Teacher Training, Holistic Health, and Massage Therapy courses are offered at the Garden Grove location. Esthetician and Cosmetology courses are offered in Laguna Hills, while Manicuring and Massage Therapy classes will be added in the future. Advance Beauty College’s Massage Therapy school offered at the Garden Grove location are a popular selection among the college’s students.

Massage Therapy Student Schedules

Students enrolled in Advance Beauty College’s massage therapy school will gain hands on experience while learning the latest techniques. The well-recommended massage therapy school helps students acquire the confidence, experience, and credentials needed to succeed in the industry. The program is approved by the California Massage Therapy Council as well. For Advance Beauty College students studying in the massage therapy school, the day begins at 9:00 am for a theory class, followed by practical training where students have the unique opportunity to work on a client and practice all the necessary techniques involved. After a lunch break, students work on MBLEx preparation for a couple hours. The MBLEx test is one of the criteria involved in achieving the California Massage Therapy Council certification. The CAMTC certification allows students to officially provide massage services for compensation in California. The day ends with practical work again. The massage therapy school offered at Advance Beauty College is a 600-hour program, costing $3600 in total including tuition and additional supplies and books. Creating an affordable program is important to the beauty college. Financing options including scholarships, grants, as well as federal and private loans are offered.

Advance Beauty Community

Community is emphasized by Advance Beauty College and helping their fellow Advance Beauty community succeed in the industry is important to the beauty college. Including a highly trained faculty that stresses the highest education is also valued. Experience and creativity go hand in hand at Advance Beauty College. Students in the massage therapy program work hard to master techniques and knowledge necessary for passing the state board exam as well as succeeding in their chosen profession. Advance Beauty College’s massage therapy school offers certificates in massage therapy with the goal of offering quality, affordable education.

Please call (714) 530-2131 for more information on Advance Beauty College’s massage therapy school and to schedule a tour today or learn more about the program.