Fundraiser Program

A Relaxing & Enjoyable Fundraiser For Everyone!

Advance Beauty College offers you an exciting fundraising opportunity for your child’s school and other non-profit groups. Just imagine how fun and enjoyable it will be to relax, unwind, and rejuvenate with your friends and family~ while raising money for your child’s school! You can thoroughly unwind and enjoy being pampered knowing that you are helping a worthy cause. This is how fundraising is supposed to be!

Having Your Fundraiser at Advance Beauty College is Easy and Simple!

Everyone from your school or group who would like to help you raise funds just needs to come in and sit back, relax and have hair, nail, or skin care services done in our newly remodeled facility! Advance Beauty College will donate 10% of all pre-tax sales generated by your group for the duration of the fundraiser. Flyers your school or group distributes will identify guests as members of your fundraising program. And one of the best parts is that fundraisers at Advance Beauty College are scheduled to last for several days to give everyone a chance to participate.

To schedule your fundraiser at Advance Beauty College just come in or contact Linh at 714.530.2131 or with all the information about your school or group. We will coordinate everything for you to have the most enjoyable fundraising event where everyone will have tons of fun, laughter, and a great time! Alternatively, you can fill in our online form.

All of us here at Advance Beauty College will work together with you to make your fundraiser a very successful event for your school or organization. We look forward to helping you!