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5 Ways to Style Your Hair for Different Summer Occasions

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As a California beauty school, it’s probably not surprising that we love summertime here at Advance Beauty College. The weather is great, the vibes are positive, and there are so many exciting events to look forward to. Barbecues, pool parties, weddings, camping trips– it’s one of the most fun times of the year! If you’ve got a full summer of events coming up and need some hairstyle inspiration, look no further. Here are five ways you can style your hair for different summer occasions!

Wedding: Fishtail Bun

Be careful, you just might upstage the bride with the stunning fishtail bun! It’s chic and looks ornate and detailed without actually being complicated. A fishtail bun also doesn’t require a lot of tools or products. You just need a brush, hairpins, the ability to do a fishtail braid, and you’ll be ready to impress!

Barbecue: Curly Ponytail

When you’re outside at a summertime barbecue, you probably want your hair out of the way. A curly ponytail is a beautiful way to do that. Whether you’re naturally wavy/curly or added them in a few days ago, toss those curls up in a ponytail and enjoy the warmth.

Beach Day: Hair Scarf

Nothing quite beats a summer day at the beach. To make sure your hair doesn’t get in the way of fun in the sun, tie it up in a cute scarf. Not only will it keep your hair out of the sand and salt water, but it’ll also prevent it from getting greasy from sunscreen (because you better be wearing that SPF!) and sweat.

Outdoor Party: Half-Up, Half-Down Twist

Summer parties are a great excuse to get dressed up and have a good time. For a dressier summer hairstyle, opt for half-up, half-down. It’s super simple and always looks classy. Add a headband or bedazzled barrette if you want an extra touch of bling.

Campfire Night: Low Bun

Who says you can’t look chic at a campfire? Low buns are effortless and cute. While a cute bun won’t totally prevent your hair from smelling like smoke, pulling it up out of the way will help reduce that smell. For an extra casual vibe, use a scrunchie to create your low bun.

Get Summer-Ready Hair at Advance Beauty College!

Need some help getting that perfect summer style? Schedule an appointment with us at Advance Beauty College! We offer a full menu of haircutting, styling, coloring, and texturing services at our student salons* in Garden Grove and Laguna Hills. If you want to learn how to master these styles yourself, contact us to learn more about applying to our cosmetology program!

*All Services Performed By Students Under the Supervision of Licensed Instructors.

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