What Our Students Are Saying About Us

“I am so glad I enrolled at Advance Beauty College. The instructors are great! Not only have I learned how to cut, color, style, etc., but I have had fun along the way. I would recommend this school to anybody that wants a career in cosmetology.”

Brooke Elkins
Laguna Hills

“I’m so glad that I enrolled at Advance! The staff here is great and so fun to work with! I love being able to learn new things on a daily bases with a bunch of hands on experience. I look forward to it everyday.”

Brittany Wesson
Laguna Hills

“I love Advance Beauty College because the people here are all so easy and fun to work with. Mr. Bruce is an awesome teacher and is taking me to the top! I feel like I am a part of this school and like I am at home every time I come to school. I will forever be a part of ABC!”

Justin Rodriguez
Laguna Hills

“Being a student at Advance Beauty College has been a great experience so far and I absolutely love it. The staff and instructors are great and I love being here everyday.

~ Jennifer Soldevilla – Laguna Hills

I enrolled at Advance Beauty College not knowing what to expect out of a career in Cosmetology. I was pleasantly surprised to find a place that I enjoy coming to every day and is a perfect artistic outlet for me. The school and administration is not only accommodating and affordable, but they have helped to set me up for a career involving cosmetology in virtually any field I desire. Mr. Bruce Rules!
Colton Linton - Laguna Hills
Advance Beauty College has been such a positive experience in my life. Our teachers and students are extremely passionate about their careers and it’s been a pleasure to work with such talented individuals. I enjoy every single day I’m here and hope that one day I can give back to this school just as much as they’ve given me. I love ABC!Vanessa Fine - Laguna Hills

“I love ABC because of the amazing staff. I feel welcome every time I walk through the school doors.

~ Melissa Woods – Laguna Hills

My experience at Advance Beauty College has been fantastic. I am very satisfied with the level of education that I am receiving and am particularly fond of our instructor on the Esti side, Ms. Cassy. We are fortunate to have such a dedicated instructor who is passing on her vast knowledge of the skin care industry. The school has a good environment and many opportunities to work on walk-ins and improve your skills.Cece Somers - Laguna Hills
I love Advance Beauty College. The staff are very helpful and teach in ways everyone can understand. The students are so friendly. Overall, the school is great!!
Mik Lozada - Laguna Hills