Advance Beauty College 2016 Lunar New Year Celebration

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Advance Beauty College Celebrates 2016 Lunar New Year Garden Grove

Advance Beauty College did not disappoint when it came to celebrating Lunar New Year this year! On February 9th, Advance Beauty College, a Vietnamese family run beauty school, held an incredible Lunar New Year celebration at their Garden Grove location with fellow members of the community including Garden Grove’s city officials and many significant beauty industry giants. Students and faculty gathered to enjoy the beginning of the New Year. Advance Beauty College prides itself in caring about its Orange County community. Whether it’s giving back through active participation in Garden Grove Community Foundation, Orange County United Way, American Association of Cosmetology Schools (AACS), Rotary Club of Mission Viejo and the Vietnamese American Chamber of Commerce, or simply celebrating the culture and values of its students and members of the community, family and community have always been important to the beauty school.


Lunar New Year is the longest and most significant annual celebration for Asian communities all around the world. With symbols and traditions leading back to prehistory, the Lunar New Year celebration welcomes the New Year with a fresh start. The celebration holds strong importance for the Asian and Vietnamese community. Customs practiced promise valuable changes for the New Year such as abundance, new beginnings, as well as good luck and fortune. Such flushing of old attitudes and luck helps bring about optimism in the community for the future. This year, Advance Beauty College helped its community celebrate the year of the Monkey. The monkey is one of 12 zodiac animal signs associated with the Chinese New Year. As families gather to celebrate the New Year and honor ancestors, the Lunar New Year celebration demonstrates the honorable beliefs and traditions valued by the culture.

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Advance Beauty College’s Lunar New Year celebration observed many traditional customs such as handing out red envelopes containing money, lighting firecrackers, releasing doves, and putting on a Lion dance performance. A beautiful fashion show was also held during the Lunar New Year celebration that allowed students the opportunity to practice their skills in hair and makeup. Colorful “Ao Dai,” Vietnamese traditional dresses could also be seen throughout the celebration. The red envelopes symbolized good fortune, as red, a color seen frequently in Lunar New Year celebrations represents such fortune. Other customs included were lighting firecrackers which stands for health and good fortune. Firecrackers, an iconic symbol used in Lunar New Year festivities welcomes the New Year and scares away evil spirits.

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Advance Beauty College also held a Lion Dance performance. Such dances are often accompanied by a loud banging of drums and include performers dressed in lion costumes mimicking the movement of lions. In countries such as China, the lion looks for lettuce to eat and scatter, which symbolizing a fresh start. Lions are also known to symbolize good luck and strength for the community. During Advance Beauty College’s Lunar New Year celebration, attendees that came to support the event included officials of Garden Grove and the Chairman for the Vietnamese American Chamber of Commerce.


Advance Beauty College wishes you a Happy Lunar New Year!

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