Advance Beauty College Takes on Viet Fashion Week 2016

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Advance Beauty College, Orange County’s leading beauty college, will continue its impact on the fashion industry by contributing to Viet Fashion Week 2016. For the third year in a row, Advance Beauty College is sponsoring the event and working with leading members of the Vietnamese Fashion industry community. The Orange County beauty college is proud to partner with industry Vietnamese fashion leader Tracy Pham.  As the producer and director of Viet Fashion Week, a world renowned event popular in America as well as in Vietnam, Tracy Pham looks forward to this year’s event, as it will be even bigger and better than ever.  Advance Beauty College, a family run beauty school, is proud to participate as well as contribute to not only the beauty industry, but also to the fashion industry.

VFW2016_Model.Casting_5x7-2-500x695Viet Fashion Week 2016

Viet Fashion Week, taking place on May 20th and May 21st, follows international fashion icons and designers and displays the latest trends and innovations in the fashion industry. Anticipated worldwide, the event includes 10 designers from around the world, utilizing 15 to 20 models each. Over 150+ models who participate this year’s show, will be at the heart of Little Saigon, the Westminster Mall. The first year, 100 models were included in the casting call, 175 the second, and now an incredible 375!

This year’s show marks the first year petite models were included (models under 5’7” models); setting a new trend to industry standards.  The two day event showcases the latest collections created by international designers, and features wedding gowns, couture, swimwear, Avant Garde, evening gowns, and Ao Dais, known as the Vietnamese long dress.  5 designers will show their work each night, while guests, models, designers, stylists, and sponsors come together to celebrate fashion and the Vietnamese community’s accomplishments.

Televised Media on Viet Fashion Week 2016

Viewers interested in watching Viet Fashion Week on television, can view the event on Vietface TV. The show’s director and producer, Tracy Pham has worked hard to make the show a bigger event each year. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Tracy herself has seen and experienced the struggles of making it big in the fashion industry as a minority.  Fueled by the passion to help the Vietnamese community, Tracy dedicates time and energy in creating success not only for Viet Fashion Week but also for its participants.  Tracy continues to inspire and help those in the Vietnamese and Fashion community.

Viet fashion week 2015  at advance beauty college students working on models 4     Viet fashion week 2015 at advance beauty college students working on models 4

Advance Beauty College’s Commitment to the Fashion Industry

Advance Beauty College is proud to sponsor Viet Fashion Week, as well as contribute to creating runway looks for the incredible models. The Orange County beauty college and its President, Tam Nguyen, and Vice President Linh Nguyen have supported the show since day 1!  Advance Beauty College recognizes the significant role the show plays in both the community and industry. The beauty college opens its facility for the Viet Fashion Show designers and models to come in and prepare their look for each day’s show.  At the Garden Grove facility, beauty students work with each designer and the team of models to learn and create each unique look and theme.  This unique opportunity provides beauty students with the experience to work on hair, makeup and nails for the models as well as getting to see their work on a runway and on popular television networks.

Viet fashion week 2015 at advance beauty college students working on models2        Viet fashion week 2015 at advance beauty college students working on models 4

Unique Training Opportunities for Beauty Students

Producer of the Viet Fashion Show, Tracy Pham, states that the event brings together a lot of mutual opportunities.  As a result, Advance Beauty College students experience special training on the popular Bio Seeweed Gel; a healthy nail polish, free from formaldehyde, tolune, DBP, BHA or solvents.  In addition, beauty students earn an experience of a lifetime.  Sponsors of Viet Fashion Week such as Bio Seeweed Gel and Advance Beauty College add educational value to the event, while having the chance to showcase the Vietnamese influence on fashion and beauty worldwide.

Viet Fashion Week will witness a large amount of media coverage and support. Sponsors included Walmart, Advance Beauty College, Vegan Therapy, Domain Photobooth, DOT Photobooth, Senhoa, ModXchange, Images, Bio Seaweed Gel, Lexor, Westminister Mall, and the Vietnamese American Chamber of Commerce.  See more here:

Please visit for more information on Advance Beauty College’s impact on the fashion industry and cultural as well as artistic events such as Vietnam Fashion Week.



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