CSUF 2016 “Honor An Educator” –Suzette Christian of Advance Beauty College

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California State University of 2016 “Honor An Educator” Awardee Suzette Christian of Advance Beauty College

Advance Beauty College emphasizes creating the best education and experience for their students, from up-to-date techniques and beneficial events to excellent professors. The beauty school appreciates all their faculty, including one of this year’s 2016 “Honor An Educator” award nominee, Suzette Christian-Marchetti. Nominated for the Top Educator award, Suzette will be representing Advance Beauty College at Cal State Fullerton College’s Education award ceremony on April 17, 2016. The 2016 “Honor An Educator” Luncheon and Ceremony, sponsored by Teacher Created Materials, will take place at 12:30 pm. The Orange County Beauty School Education Award honors educators who have inspired students and positively impacted the lives and educations of others.

About Suzette Christian-Marchetti

Suzette Christian-Marchetti has incredibly served as the Vice President of Business Development for Advance Beauty College, identifying business strategies to improve the Orange County beauty school’s programs and overall success. With creative and engaging teaching methods as well as inspiring and positive encouragements for students and colleagues, Suzette has served as an excellent educator, affecting both the success of the school, but also of the beauty industry. Her strategies and passion have helped her achieve the well-deserved Orange County Beauty School Education Award nominee. Advance Beauty College is honored to have an educator who has dedicated her life to education and who has also helped train fellow educators, further contributing to the education and experience of thousands of students.

Background in Beauty Industry

When asked about her background in the beauty industry, Suzette shares stories from her 15 years of experience. “I have had the opportunity to work with industry influencers such as Dermalogica and Paul Mitchell The School, amongst many others, to help define beauty school standards and shape the future of the school industry.” The Orange County Beauty School Education Award nominee has experienced 15 years in the challenging, and exciting beauty industry. Her experience has helped her assist students in starting their careers and facing the ups and downs of a career in the beauty industry.

Suzette’s thoughts on Beauty Industry Trends

Suzette has shared insights on the changes she has witnessed over the last decade, demonstrating the positive effects of social media on beauty schools. “With the evolution of social media over the past decade, students are entering our programs exceptionally skilled and are aligning themselves with online industry mentors, learning cutting edge technique and trends before they even enter school. Social media has generated a fearless approach in students that has fostered a very entrepreneurial spirit.” However, Suzette has also mentioned the negative consequences of such changes. “The visibility of social media will allow more opportunities for our schools, students and our industry.” Nominated for an Orange County Beauty School Education Award, Suzette has served as a leader at Advance Beauty College and has seen many changes in the industry including those caused by social media advancements.

Advance Beauty College proudly extends their congratulations to Suzette Christian-Marchetti as well as fellow nominees for their nomination for the Orange County Beauty School Education Award. The school is honored to have Suzette represent their educators and students.

Please visit https://advancebeautycollege.com/laguna-hills-advance-beauty-college// for more information on the Orange County Beauty School Education Award, as well as on educators including Suzette Christian-Marchetti.


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