Dystopia- A Saddleback College Fashion Show

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dystopia saddleback college show 1The making of Dystopia – A Saddleback College Fashion Show

Advance Beauty College students and Saddleback College Fashion Designer students work together to put on a popular Orange County Fashion Show.  As a partnership school with Saddleback College, students enrolled through the college have the unique educational opportunity to both take courses and work with other Advance Beauty College students.  The highly recommended Orange County beauty college emphasizes community and providing real life experiences students can utilize to shape their career in the industry. On Thursday, April 28, 2016 students will have the incredible opportunity to participate in Dystopia, a Saddleback College Fashion Show. Fashion shows involve multiple aspects of the beauty industry from makeup, hair, and clothes, to even nails. Therefore, students participating in the unique experience not only add this to their portfolios, but also gain useful skills for their careers.

dystopia saddleback college show 7Saddleback College Fashion Show

Dystopia, a Saddleback College Fashion Show will begin with a reception at 5:30 pm in the McKinney Courtyard, and conclude with the show at 7:00 pm. Guests will view designs completed by Saddleback students, and enjoy appetizers provided by Culinary Arts. Advance Beauty College students and faculty, have participated in the event for several years, helping complete the look of models at the show.



Carina Tafulu Celebrity Makeup and Hairstylist and Instructor at Advance Beauty CollegeDistinguished Celebrity Hair and Makeup Artist Instructors

Carina Tafulu and Edward Tietel, prominent celebrity make-up and hair stylists in the industry, both work as top instructors at Advance Beauty College.  As professional hair stylists they work directly with Advance Beauty cosmetologist students to help implement the look for the Dystopia show.  Carina Tafulu has been involved with students for the Saddleback Dystopia Fashion Show for 3 years, working with both Advance Beauty College students and Saddleback College.  Students from Saddleback have the opportunity to design the clothes featured in the show, presenting audience members with their own unique work. Advance Beauty College students will work hand-in-hand with Saddleback fashion designers to completing the look for the show; including working on makeup, hair, and nails for the models.

Student Involvement in Dystopia Fashion Show

April 20th, Advance Beauty College hair, makeup and nail students will join the talented Saddleback fashion designers and 35 models in Dystopia.  The highly anticipated show allows both sets of college students to work closely together to combine both the clothing and beauty for the show. Also, by working with stylists, designers, and beauty supply representatives, students will get an inside look on careers in the highly dynamic industry. The unique experience not only helps the community and supports local talent, but also provides a learning environment for students. Dystopia, a Saddleback College Fashion Show requires 2 months of hard work which continues to impress many year after year. The 20 Advance Beauty College students involved meet with Saddleback designers to discuss and learn the look that the designers wish to portray. As Carina the fashion show coordinator has shared, the two colleges truly come together to conduct an incredible event for the community. “I think it’s nice to see two different schools connect and work on the fashion show together. Both groups are extremely supportive of each other in creating the specific look for the show.  And thinking back, as a student, I only dreamed of working on projects like this. Together the clothing designers and beauty students make the look come to life for the show.”

dystopia saddle back college fashsion show advance beauty student makeup work3dystopia saddle back college fashsion show advance beauty student makeup workdystopia saddleback college show 5dystopia saddleback college show 4

Please visit https://www.saddleback.edu/news/campus-events/dystopia-annual-fashion-show-2016 for more information on the Dystopia Show.  Visit https://advancebeautycollege.com/laguna-hills-advance-beauty-college// for information on our Orange County massage therapy courses, cosmetology, and manicuring (nails).




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