Advance educator Carina Tafulu.

Honor an Educator: Carina Tafulu

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Here at Advance Beauty College, we are proud of our educators and the great work they do for our students. We want to make sure they get the recognition they deserve, so we are featuring some of these talented educators.

Meet Carina Tafulu

Carina Tafulu has been a cosmetology instructor at Advance since 2013, and she has had her cosmetology license for 16 years. Besides being a cosmetology instructor, Carina is busy! She has four jobs, all of them related to hair. Her varied career is inspiring and proves that cosmetologists have many paths to success.

While she is busy, she loves it because of all of her opportunities to learn and grow.

“I like that each of my jobs keep me busy and keep things interesting. I never can get bored,” she said.

Her jobs and passions include:

Teaching at Advance

As an experienced stylist, Carina has a lot to offer our students. She loves teaching the students and giving back.

“I love coming into work every day and working with my students. They make me laugh and smile. They drive my passion with hair. Our students are the future and I love working with them. I encourage them to be their own artists and they inspire me to be a better hairstylist and teacher.”

Carina at the educator event.

Working in a Salon

In addition to teaching at Advance, Carina also works at a salon part time. She enjoys helping people feel good about themselves as she cuts, colors, and styles their hair in the salon. Working in a salon helps her stay up to date on her skills and technique.


Carina loves freelancing because it’s an opportunity for her to explore her creativity and work with what she calls incredible talent.

She has created editorial work from television, music videos, magazines, the runway and more. Now, she is also doing creative direction for editorial and advertising campaigns. She’s worked with companies like Disney, Columbia Records, Sony Records, Badgley Mischka, Free People, and others.

Some of her many accomplishments include working with celebrities. She has worked with Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Glamour magazines, as well as helped with Kanye West and Bruno Mars music videos. She has worked with many more celebrities, including Mario Lopez, Jessica Simpson, and Tess Holiday.

One great way to start building a freelance career is by marketing yourself online. Carina has a website where she can showcase her work and portfolio. Another great option many stylists are taking advantage of is using Instagram as an interactive portfolio. Many people find stylists on Instagram, and other creatives use Instagram to find stylists they’d like to collaborate with.

Wella Brand Educator

Because hair trends are always changing, it’s important for a stylist to continually get education and stay on top of new techniques. Carina believes working with Wella allows her to keep up her education and grow as a stylist.

Interested in Pursuing Cosmetology?

If some of Carina’s successes and opportunities are inspiring you to create, cosmetology could be a great path for you. Contact us to learn more about our cosmetology programs at our Laguna Hills and Garden Grove locations and how you could start learning from successful stylists like Carina.

If you’re interested in inspiring future cosmetologists by becoming a cosmetology instructor, we have teacher training programs at both our Laguna Hills and Garden Grove campuses.

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