Advance educator Nikki Nguyet.

Honor an Educator: Nikki Nguyet Vo

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At Advance Beauty College, we are thankful for our talented educators and the work they do to inspire our students. We want to spotlight some of our great instructors to give them the recognition they deserve in our community.

Meet Nikki Nguyet Vo

Nikki Nguyet Vo was born in Vietnam and immigrated to the United States in 2010. She had already been working in the beauty industry there, but she needed to get licensed in the U.S. after she moved here. When she first came to the U.S. she did not speak a lot of English. So while taking ESL classes, she earned her licenses in cosmetology, barbering, massage therapy, and teacher training.

In 2013, Ms. Nikki joined the Advance Beauty College family as an educator. She mainly spends her time teaching the manicuring program, however, she occasionally covers for cosmetology and esthetician classes. Now she has been working in the beauty industry for over 30 years.

Nikki at the educator event.

Why She Became an Instructor

When Ms. Nikki first came to the United States from Vietnam, she had a hard time. “I was sick and cried a lot,” she said.

As a new immigrant, living in America was difficult for Ms. Nikki. She was in a very different environment and struggled with the language barrier. While studying at Advance, she realized that many other students were new to America and in the same situation that she was. She decided one day she would become a teacher so she could help those students and give them strength during a difficult time. She has a passion for helping her students since she has been through the same immigration experience as they have.

She wanted to help students get their licenses and get the experience needed for a successful career. Ms. Nikki knows that a professional manicuring or cosmetology license is an important stepping stone that students can use toward a lifelong career.

Today, she enjoys her career as an instructor. “Now my dream became reality,” she said.

Her passion for her students and exemplary dedication to the industry makes Ms. Nikki a hero in the beauty industry. Currently, she leads a team of fabulous manicuring educators. She has recently earned the “Honor an Educator” award from Cal State, Fullerton due to her commitment to education, passion for her students, and exemplary dedication to the industry.. Her remarkable accomplishments continue to inspire, educate, and give back to the students of Advance Beauty College.

We are proud to celebrate and honor Ms. Nikki Vo. We love how she is hardworking and always goes above and beyond with her students and clients. She is multi-talented and beloved by the students and team members here at Advance.

Interested in Manicuring?

Ms. Nikki’s path to getting her manicuring and cosmetology license, then becoming an industry expert is inspiring. If you think you might enjoy manicuring, getting a professional license can bring many career opportunities. Contact us to learn more about our manicuring programs at our Garden Grove campus if you want to start learning valuable skills from talented educators like Ms. Nikki.

If you’re interested in inspiring future manicurists by becoming an instructor, we have teacher training programs at both our Laguna Hills and Garden Grove campuses.

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