Nail Trends for 2019

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The first month of 2019 is behind us, and we can look forward to the upcoming trends for beauty. Nail designs have become a great way to express your own uniqueness. You might want to try out new beauty trends for your New Year’s Resolution, but doing something like dying your hair platinum is just a little too extreme for you. That’s okay! That’s what nails are for, and there are so many new trends in the year to come. Here are some of the nail trends that you can try out in 2019!

Light pink pearl essie manicure

Pearls, Pearls, and More Pearls

Pearl nails are becoming popular for their own subtle way of making a statement. Start with a pink or nude color as a base is a great way to make them stand out. If you’ve always wanted to add something a bit extra to your nails, pearls are a great starting place. We think that accessorizing your nails with pearls is the perfect start for the spring months ahead. Just put on your favorite flirty dress, and you’re ready to make this spring one to remember.

black french tip manicure

Shake Up Your French Tip

French tips have been a longtime staple in nail designs, and they’re not going away anytime soon. We love the classic look that a french tip gives, but there’s nothing wrong with putting your own creative style on the timeless look. Trying out different colors besides white can help you claim a look that’s all your own. Black is just one way you can make this nail design fresh. You may be only working with the tip of your nails, but your creative outlook on how you should design them means there are multiple ways you can express yourself. It’s all up to you and where you want to take your originality.

silver metallic manicure


Are you someone who wants to try something new, but you don’t want to go away from your classic one color look? We understand it can be hard to leave what you’re comfortable with, which is why metallic nail polish might be something to try this year. With this style you can still stick to your one color rule, but the shine can give it something a little bit extra. The best part about this color is that you can try it all year round, and you only have to switch the colors depending on the season. We love this deep color for the winter months ahead, but don’t be afraid to shake things up when spring comes. Trying new colors with each season can be one of the best parts of this look.

Don’t let your nails have all the fun this year! We think that the metallic shine would go great with highlights to give your hair some added dimension to match your nails.

Blake Lively's rainbow negative space manicure

Negative Space Ribbons

The french tip look is great because it allows you to have beautiful nails without having to paint your entire nail, but that classic style shouldn’t have all the fun. There are so many other ways to paint your nails using the negative space. We love the look of the negative space going through the middle of the nail like a ribbon, and it shows perfectly that there are many unique ways that you can utilize that negative space. You can spend all year experimenting with it, and you might be surprised with what you come up with.

pink manicure with bare stripe in the middle

Blake Lively shows just how creative you can get using your nails as your own canvas. We love the different colors and designs she used to make this her own unique look.

Vanessa Hudgens' brown matte jeweled manicure

Add Something Extra

If you’ve always just done a simple single layer of polish to your nails and you’re looking to dramatically shake things up, then this is the perfect year to add something extra to your claws. Adding some texture to your nails has only been getting more and more popular with each year, and we’re totally okay with that! We love seeing what people are able to come up with to give their nails some more flair. If you love putting something extra on your nails to make them stand out, then this is another great trend that you can experiment with all year long.

Vanessa Hudgens went all out on her nails and we love what she’s done. The different design on each finger is a great way to try out multiple styles at the same time. Don’t forget to accessorize with equally dazzling rings like Vanessa!

Light pastel pointy manicure

Get That Pastel On

Another beauty trend that’s been gaining popularity over the last few years is using pastel colors. Whether that’s with clothes or hair, these colors have been all the rage. why not use that trend when painting your nails? Using pastel colors on your nails is a great way to add some beautiful color to your look without it being as noticeable as your clothes or hair. The great thing about these colors is that they look good with any nail shape you might want to try out this year. Whether you want to rock an almond or stiletto shape, the pastel colors will look amazing with whichever you’re most in the mood for. If you can’t decide which color you want to go with, try out multiple ones! They look great with each other and can help give you more color in your look.

Mix and Match

This really is the year for you to experiment with your nail designs to come up with a look that is uniquely your own. That’s why we think it’s appropriate to end our list with a design encouraging complete creative liberty on what you want your nails to look like. If you can’t decide whether you want a simple pastel color or something extra like glitter or pearls, there’s no rule saying you can’t have both. This year for nail designs is all up to you to decide which looks you want to rock.

Start Your Nail Education Now

If you have a passion for nails and want to know more about making your passion a career, contact us to find out how you can start this path. Our Garden Grove campus offers a manicuring program where you can learn how to apply all the newest nail trends. We can’t wait to see you what designs you come up with in 2019!

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