New Externship Program Opportunities

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At Advance Beauty College, we are committed to helping prepare our students for careers after they finish their education. We are excited to announce our new externship program, an opportunity for students to get valuable salon experience while still in school.

As of January 1, 2019, the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology announced this new externship program, which allows students to work as unpaid externs in salons for up to eight hours per week. Students are allowed to start the externship after completing 60% of their coursework in school.


Why Should You Do an Externship?

In many fields, students can complete an internship or externship to gain valuable on-the-job experience. While working in the school’s student salon can begin to help you develop these practical skills, you will be able to broaden your understanding if you see what it’s like to work in other salons too.

You can get a feel for the culture and atmosphere of the salon where you complete your externship. This can help you know what types of salons you might like to work in after school or what things to avoid when looking for a job. For example, you might pay attention to the level of creative freedom stylists are allowed to have and realize that after graduation you would like to work in a salon that gives its stylists opportunities to stretch the limits of their creativity.

Completing an externship can also make you more attractive to potential employers. When you apply to salons with an externship on your resume, the salons will see that you already have experience working in a professional salon setting. It can set you apart from other students who do not have this experience.

If you are a hard worker and do well at your externship, you can potentially come back to work at the salon as a stylist when you’re finished with your education. Even if you decide not to go back to that salon, your supervisor would make an excellent reference for you as you are looking for a job at a different salon.


What to Expect at an Externship

The externship is a time for you to get on the job experience at a salon. Showing that you care about the salon and want to be as helpful as possible will help the management see you as a responsible and valuable team member.

Is an Externship Right For You?

If you are a beauty school student with some class hours already under your belt, an externship could be a great next step for you.

  • Requirements for an Externship
  • Students need a minimum of 60% program completion to qualify
  • Hours can be applied for credits toward graduation
  • A maximum of 8 hours of credit can be earned per week
  • A maximum of 10% total program hours can be earned
  • Student ID must be worn during the externship
  • Eligible externships are unpaid and voluntary

Some of our students have already completed externships and felt they had positive experiences:

“I learned a lot externing at 3Thirty3 Nail Bar. Being in a professional salon setting was extremely helpful! I highly recommend it!!!” ~Tina Kim, Manicuring 400

“I had a great time. The best learning experience!” ~Rajaa Nema, Manicuring 400


Learn More About Cosmetology School

If working in a salon sounds like something you might enjoy, cosmetology school could be a great first step for you. Contact us to learn more about cosmetology programs at our Garden Grove and Laguna Hills campuses!

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