Hang (Cindy) Tran

Manicuring / Esthetic Educator – Bio Coming Soon!

Janna Agcaoilic-Fagaragan

Manicuring Educator – Bio Coming Soon!

Kathy Pham

Barbering / Cosmetology Educator – Kathy started working at Advance Beauty College in 2005 as a Cosmetology and Barbering Educator. She has over 40 years of experience in the industry with CaliNail, EXPO Hair & Nails, Advance Medical Skincare, as well as these beauty colleges: Asian American International, Elite, and Santa Ana. Her job mainly focuses on providing students with the best knowledge and skills required to obtain their State Board license. Kathyu2019s favorite part of the job is her connection with the students that she has developed throughout years of teaching. She is glad to help them succeed in a career that earns a living through their talented expertise. In her free time, Kathy enjoys volunteering at nursing homes, playing with dogs, and taking walks on the beach.

Laura Gonzalez

Barbering / Cosmetology / Esthetics Educator & Community Outreach – Laura works on the senior cosmetology clinic floor and has been in the industry since 2008. She has advanced training in KMS hair cutting, hair and eyelash extensions, Goldwell color corrections and makeup. Laura favorite part of the job is watching her students learn and grow using techniques that she has shown them. In her spare time, she enjoys shopping and volunteering.

Nancy Holberg

Esthetics Educator – Bio coming soon!

Nguyet Vo

Barbering / Cosmetology / Esthetics / Manicuring Educator – Nguyet has been a licensed Cosmetologist since 2013 and holds a massage therapist and instructor license. She holds certificates with Matrix, Dermalogica, Tammy Taylor Nails, Jazz-z Beauty, Shear Intelligent, Satin Smooth Waxing, Fresh Waxing, Haircut and Color from Kenoul, OPI, CND and Bioseaweed Gel. In her spare time, she loves to listen to music, travel and continue to learn new techniques in the industry.

Nhi Diep

Barbering / Cosmetology / Esthetics / Manicuring Educator – Bio coming soon!

Nancy (Nguyen) Nguyen

Esthetics Educator – Nguyen has dual licenses in Manicuring and Esthetics and completed the teacher training program at Advance Beauty College. She enjoys taking Esthetics training courses at the International Dermal Institute. She has been working with our students in both Manicuring and Esthetics courses since 2014. She loves teaching and engaging with the students as she is a life long learner and enjoys sharing her passion for the beauty industry. In her spare time, she enjoys reading about science and biology.

Quynh Pham

Esthetics / Manicuring Educator – Bio coming soon!

Rosalyn Mai

Esthetics / Manicuring Educator – Rosalyn has been with Advance Beauty College as an Esthetician Instructor since 2011. She is licensed in Cosmetology, Manicuring, Esthetician and Massage Therapy. Rosalyn is trained and certified with Dermatologica and Tammy Taylor Nails. Teaching both theory and practical knowledge is what she does on a daily basis, and also training students in taking the State Board exams. When Rosalyn is not working, she loves reading a good book and attending workshops about the beauty industry to improve her expertise.

Sally Huynh

Manicuring Educator – Bio coming soon!

Shayla Cao

Cosmetology Educator – Shayla has been in the beauty industry since 2003 and brings her salon experience from working at places such as Supercuts and Sea Nails. She enjoys teaching and helping students. Shayla also enjoys make-up and decorating in her spare time.

Suong Nguyen

Barbering / Cosmetology / Manicuring / Esthetics Educator – Suong joined Advance Beauty College as a Cosmetology educator in 2016, bringing over 22 years of teaching experience and more than 3 years of cosmetology experience to her role. Suong has extensive experience in both nails and skin care and has expanded her skin care knowledge through advanced training at the International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica. Suong mentors the Cosmetology freshmen as well as assists on the salon floor. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, reading magazines and hiking.

Jacqueline Tran

Cosmetology / Manicuring Educator / Front Desk Receptionist – Jacqueline journey at Advance Beauty College started in 2017 and is working as our Nail Instructor. She holds a Cosmetology license and has two years of experience in the industry. Jacqueline is trained with eyelash extensions and Dermalogica, and recently finished her Barbering course.

Carol Cardinale

Substitute – Bio coming soon!

Tuan Lam

Maintenance – Bio coming soon!


Athena Nguyen

Student Services Coordinator – Bio coming soon!

Dang Vo

Student Services Coordinator – Bio coming soon!

Edwin Le

Marketing Coordinator – Bio coming soon!

Quyen Luu

Student Services Coordinator – Bio coming soon!

Thao Trieu

Student Service Coordinator – Thao joined the Advance Beauty College team in February 2019 as a Student Services Coordinator. She brings over 10 years of experience in customer service working in the travel industry. She ensures that our students are satisfied with their experience in Advance Beauty College. During her leisure time, Thao enjoys travelling, going to to beach, and listening to music.

Thao Vu

Student Services Coordinator – Bio coming soon!

Trinh Nguyen

Director of Financial Aid – Bio Coming Soon!

Lupe Solis

Campus Manager – Lupe is one of our cosmetology instructors, specializing in teaching our students color mixing and product knowledge. She holds certificates in Cinderella Hair Extensions, Tifiny Loung Make-up and Dermalogica Retail. Lupe loves teaching color mixing and enjoys doing her own nails in her spare time.

Tracy Pham

Director of Compliance – Bio coming soon!

Tam Nguyen

President – Tam leads the executive team on the overall growth and development of the company, with strong emphasis on marketing, compliance, and community relations. He earned his BS from University of California, Irvine, a MD from American University of the Caribbean, and a MBA from Cal State University, Fullerton. Tam is also very involved in the industry as a member of the Board of Directors for the American Association of Cosmetology Schools (AACS) and as an evaluator for both NACCAS and COMTA. His community outreach projects include working with the Horizon Cross-Cultural Center, as a chair member, and Project Vietnam. His favorite part of the job is being able to participate in the various agencies that help regulate and improve the beauty and massage industries. In his spare time, Tam enjoys spending time with his wife, 2 sons, and daughter, traveling, and coaching his sonu2019s basketball team.

Linh Nguyen

Vice President – Linh works alongside the executive team on the overall growth and development of the company. She holds a cosmetology and barber license and has taught in both public and private schools in the beauty industry. She earned a BA and MBA from Cal State University, Fullerton. Linh grew up in the industry as a second generation owner and loves that she can continue the family business. She enjoys working with the staff and students at both campuses as well as doing community outreach. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family, exercising, and listening to music.

Christine Nguyen

Director of Finance – Christine is responsible for overseeing our admissions processes at both campuses and assists in many various administrative tasks. Christine is actually a licensed pharmacist and still works at a hospital part time. She enjoys working at the school because of the diversity of her tasks. She enjoys spending time with her children, decorating, working out, and seeing friends in her spare time.

Nguyet Vo

Director of Marketing / Education -Bio coming soon!

Suzette Christian

Director of Strategic Partnerships – Bio coming soon!

Danny Diep

IT Help Desk – Bio coming soon!

Henry Nguyen

IT Technician – Bio coming soon!