Recap of Our 2019 Lunar New Year Festival

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At Advance Beauty College, we were able to once again celebrate the Lunar New Year. We were so excited to honor this special occasion and we would like to thank 7 Leaves and Bele Nguyen State Farm Insurance, our community partners for helping us make it possible. Read more for a recap on our event and how we brought in the Lunar New Year!

What is the Lunar New Year?

If you’ve never heard of the Lunar New Year, then it might be helpful to get some background information on this festival and why it’s celebrated. The Lunar New Year recognizes the new year based on a lunar calendar. This means that all twelve months begin and end in accordance with one cycle of the moon. There are many cultures that have used this calendar throughout history, the Lunar calendar being one popular example. In the Lunar calendar, the new year starts on the second full moon after the Winter Solstice. This year that meant it was on February 5. We were excited to celebrate the beginning of the year of the pig!

Day Full of Fun

The event was held at our Garden Grove campus and it was amazing to see everyone from different cultures excited to celebrate the Lunar New Year! To help get everyone involved in the celebration, red envelopes called “lixi” were given to the children and guests who were wearing a traditional ao dai or red clothing. These red envelopes are often given to people at a Lunar New Year celebration to symbolize good luck.

Fashion Show

Students and guests of Advance Beauty College participated in a multicultural Fashion Show. We invited all guests wearing a traditional ao dai or others in their own traditional attire to join in the fashion show and our students were able to style the model’s hair, makeup and nails. It was a great way for the students and community to get involved and learning about the culture. We loved seeing everyone celebrate this special event together!

woman doing makeup

Lion Dance

After the fashion show, we had lion dancers perform in front of Advance Beauty College where they blessed our school. During this, the dancers also lit firecrackers so the loud noise would scare away bad luck for our business. It was so fun seeing their dance and watching people get involved by putting money in the lions’ mouths, which helps bring you luck in the new year.

performing lion dance

Celebrating Together

During this event, students also performed traditional ceremonies for our guests. They sang songs to bring in the Lunar New Year and performed a traditional dance. Guests at this event included: city and county officials, business leaders, and friends and family. We are so proud of our students for presenting some Lunar New Year Traditions to these and other guests.

Celebrate With Us

If you have a passion for beauty and you want to attend a cosmetology school that celebrates events like these, contact us to find out how you can start the application process. Both our campuses offer a variety of beauty programs, so you can spend the year of the pig pursuing what interests you most. Wishing you a lunar new year full of happiness, luck, prosperity and a start to pursuing your dream career!

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