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World of Wella event, May 21 – 22, 2016 in New York, New York

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World of Wella EventAdvance Beauty College, Orange County’s popular and highly recommended beauty college, is proud to have both Suzette Christian and Carina Tafulu attend this year’s World of Wella event, May 21 – 22, 2016 in New York, New York.

As an “Honored Educator” award winner from CSU Fullerton, Suzette has over 15 years of experience in the beauty industry working with industry leaders such as Dermalogica, Paul Mitchell the School, and Spa Montage. Carina has been in the beauty industry since 2001 and has been published in many notable magazines such as Runway and 10 Ten Magazine. As the 2013 Hairstylist of the Year for Orange County, Carina enjoys teaching her students and setting them up for success.  As a team, Advance Beauty College continues its involvement in the beauty industry as well as bring on tools and techniques to help their instructors and students succeed.

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world of wella event may 2016 advance beauty college 1 Anticipated 2 Day Even – World of Wella, NY, NY

The highly anticipated 2 day event, World of Wella, is world renown as a large professional hair event, bringing together leading members of the beauty community. Attendees can experience displays featuring major products and brands, and educational courses, as well as witness talent from hairstylists from all over the world. The event has influenced and expanded the knowledge of major beauty community members as well as the instructors and faculty of Advance Beauty College. Among the attendees, 20 from the United States, including Suzette and Carina were at World of Wella. Invite only, World of Wella allows members of the community to further explore their passion for hair and beauty, as well as to surround themselves with incredible individuals from the industry. An effective platform for professionals to connect, the event highlights Wella’s commitment to celebrating the industry and emphasizing continued education for members.

world of wella event may 2016 advance beauty college 2Wella Supports Beauty Schools

Advance Beauty College partners with Wella to provide their Orange County hair, beauty and cosmetology students with access to valuable, state-of-the-art online training.  With fingertip access to over 100 amazing videos, 18 months of ongoing education and online courses from top global hair educators, Advance Beauty continues to lead the way to helping their students gain the knowledge and hands-on training valuable to their careers.  As students of Advance Beauty College, they also gain access to the pool of career opportunities available

Wella Influences Beauty Community

Wella, a professional hair care company, specializes in hair styling, educational courses, products, haircare, and more. Wella’s popular World of Wella event, serves as a platform for community members to share expert tips and choose from a variety of courses offered. Held at the Wella World Studio in New York City, the company’s development and education center and creative laboratory, the event focuses on introducing salon professionals to new trends and techniques developed by Wella. Advance Beauty College was excited to have Suzette and Carina attend and join other attendees in learning the latest in technical mastery and development as well as new trends in hair, beauty, fashion, and more.

world of wella event may 2016 advance beauty college 2Advance Beauty College Carina Tafulu Instructor and Celebrity Stylist Attends World of Wella

Carina Tafulu, an Advance Beauty College Cosmetology instructor and famous celebrity stylist, recently attended the World of Wella event. Participating in the industry since 2001, Carina is a leading community member. Named Orange County’s hairstylist of the year in 2013, Carina was also involved in an incredible opportunity during World of Wella. Carina was able to work hands on with Aubrey Loots, a celebrity stylist recognized as one of the “Doves.” She was able to assist him and also attend other classes such as “Why Wella” and Social Media Marketing. Advance Beauty College is excited about this new relationship and the opportunity to inspire its students with cutting edge technique and products as well as other support from Wella. Advance Beauty College shares Wella’s goal in emphasizing community and celebrating the incredible hair and beauty industry.






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